Casino Drive Will Not Run at the Belmont Stakes

One of Big Brown’s main rivals at the Belmont Stakes will not run. Casino Drive has been pulled from the small list of entrants. Casino Drive has a reported stone bruise on the hind left hoof:

“…”This morning, he was feeling well, so we took him to the track for a canter,” Nobutaka Tada, spokesperson for owner Hidetoshi Yamamoto and trainer Kazuo Fujisawa, told reporters.

“He came back well to the stable, but later he started favoring his left-hind again.”

link: Casino Drive scratched from Belmont Stakes

This increases the chances of Big Brown’s possible Triple Crown. The Belmont Stakes, however, is a long race and it is a race that has thwarted other Triple Crown hopefuls. Nevertheless, this could be a historic moment for Big Brown. His hoof problem has been resolved and he has a great chance of claiming this third jewel in the crown.