Game Two: The Fans Lose

It does not matter whether one is hoping for a Celtic championship or a Lakers championship. In Game Two of the championship series, the basketball fans lost. The officiating determined the outcome of the game and it was blatant.

The Lakers went to the foul line ten (10) times. The Celtics went to the foul line thirty eight (38) times. Were the Lakers committing fouls almost four times as much as the Celtics?

link: Game Two: NBA Championship Series

From one venue where more than two hundred basketball fans watched the game, the reaction was very telling. At the end of the first quarter, about twenty per cent of the crowd left. The sentiment was that there was not a chance that the Lakers could win. The officiating was going to determine the outcome. And that is from both Lakers and Celtics fans. This is from ardent, regular fans. It’s just sad that people who really like the game doubt the integrity of the product that they are seeing.

Catherine Forsythe