Enhance My Wi-Fi!

Today, Joe asks:

I just got cable Internet. Bought a router (Linksys) and a desktop card for my downstairs computer. Over the past few weeks it is now apparent that the signal from the router could be “better.” Looked around for something to enhance the signal and found several that seemed to fit the bill. After snooping around I found several Linksys items offered only to discover, before I bought them, that any Linksys router that is V8.00 or higher don’t have removable antennas so the amplified antenna can be connected. I’m wondering if anyone has successfully installed one of these amplified antennas on a V8 router. I suppose I could buy another router but the one I have is brand new and I hope to keep using it.

If was me, I would simply roll my own. Assuming the update to this post is right (I’d check with the FCC first), I would rip up a copy of Wireless Hacks and turn to the chapter on Do-It-Yourself Antennas. Honestly, as long as you are not boosting anything with an unregulated amp or messing with frequencies, I doubt there is a problem here.

The one “hack” you might give serious thought with is this one, whereas you are simply aiming an existing signal. The benefits to directional privacy and cut down on potential interference are huge. Well that and the price is right.

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