How To Keep Your Computer From Overheating

Gnomie geek43 from our chat room writes:

Hey, Chris!

My computer recently experienced a sudden overheating; since this was the first time it’s happened to me, I was really scared. I was in my room when my processors started going nuts and they wouldn’t stop — neither would the fans. So I got a small fan and blew it in the computer’s case and restarted. It booted back up with amazing speed. To help others who might find themselves in this situation, I typed up a top five list of how to keep your computer from overheating.

  1. If your computer starts to really work its built-in fans, do what I did and get a small, external fan to blow into your computer.
  2. Put a thermometer inside or next to your computer and look at the average temperature. If it gets too hot, you know that it is truly hot and you can take care of it.
  3. You can move your computer near an air vent so that, when your AC is on, you can have it cooling yourself off as well as your computer.
  4. You can go the expensive route and spend 300 dollars to water cool your computer, but be aware of the danger that you could drown it.
  5. Make sure your computer’s air vents have plenty of room to release that hot air and let cooler air in.