Dear Mozilla – Here Is Your Cake – From IE Team

The news of the Microsoft Internet Explorer team sending the Firefox team at Mozilla a cake had me laughing a bit. Even more impressive is the personal delivery by an IE team member! As most of you know, today is download day for Firefox 3 download day. I have chosen to celebrate by instead installing Opera’s newest release as I am less than impressed with the lack of features I wanted with this release.

The biggest issue I have is that the browser is not really performing any better than the previous release. That and its RSS handling is still not something I am personally interested in. I wanted more integrated, less of that pull down menu junk for my RSS feeds. Unfortunately Google and the various web apps are the only real alternative without resorting to some stupid add-on than I neither need or want.

No, I too wish the Firefox team all the luck in the world. I am sure that for most people, the browser will be fine. I on the other hand, despite the issue with WordPress rich text editor, will be getting used to the much faster and stable Linux ready Opera browser.