Amy Winehouse, Drugs and Emphysema

According to a report on Yahoo, singer Amy Winehouse has not only Emphysema, but also an irregular heartbeat. These conditions are reportedly being blamed on her drug use… primarily her smoking of Crack Cocaine.

The article goes on to state that she will be performing again soon, according to her Dad. He is asking her ‘drug using friends’ to stay away from her.

Can we say “ENABLER”?? Why isn’t this girl in a serious rehabilitation facility? Oh, I know.. she’s been in them before. Why is it her family is encouraging her to keep performing, and not getting her the help she obviously so desperately needs? Her Dad is quoted as saying that she’s basically ok when she’s performing, and that problems only occur when she’s not.

Does he not see this as a huge problem? Are they worried so much about her cranking out shows and raking in money that they will just hope the drug and health problems go away? Emphysema is not reversible. It’s not curable. She is only 24. People don’t normally have that disease until they are MUCH much older.

Amy is sadly going to end up dead before she ever reaches 30 years old at the rate she’s going. If she won’t face reality and get herself some help, then her family should do it for her.

Edited to add:

The report states that she has only 70% lung capacity due to the Emphysema.