Kissing XP Goodbye

I don’t believe there is any question that here soon when you use Windows on a PC, it will be Vista. Despite begging and pleading with the Redmond giant, Microsoft has made their thoughts on the matter clear and now closed – there will be no reprieve, XP is a goner.

So this will mean a number of things for those of you using still XP.

  1. Stick with it, then when buying a new PC, try hounding the OEM for downgrade rights to use XP instead of Vista.
  2. Never upgrade, just keep using the same CD that you purchased way back when. When you buy new hardware, be sure to completely eliminate the existing Windows XP install and perhaps, despite me not knowing for sure, you will be in the legal clear to install again on the new hardware?
  3. Go with OS X or Linux. For most people who do not want a lot of unneeded control over their system, OS X is likely going to be the path of least resistance. I personally feel that Linux meets my needs, but that is also because I purchase pre-installed whenever possible.

Will you be holding onto that copy of XP as if it was going out of style? Are you willing to continue fighting for an OS release that frankly, has been put out to pasture? Hit the comments, tell me about your feelings about being forced to make the upgrade or not.