The Rapping Blogger

Now, I know this may seem a bit strange, since a lot of us probably spend most of the day staring in the monitor of a computer screen. Yet I am sure we all possess some form of creative talent of the arts.

Some of us blog with videos, text, cartoons and so forth. But how many rapping bloggers do we have out there? I have been known to try my luck at it a few times or two to some of my favorite tunes such as Soulja Boy – he’s a rapper who basically created his fame by means of YouTube and MySpace; the kid is very tech savvy himself.

I am just wondering how many of us out there are better than Shaquille O’Neal, who has been in the media the past few days for dissing his ex-teammate Kobe Bryant. I listened to his little rap, also called a freestyle, since was rapping off the top of his head, and I felt it was TERRIBLE. I thought, “I could have done better than that.” Most of the lyrics didn’t rhyme; he was off beat, and saying some of the silliest things known to man.

Hey, I figure if Shaq can rap and GET AWAY WITH IT, we all can, and possibly make a little money on top of that too.