Facebook Takes a Turn for the Worse

I have been hoping for months and months that Facebook did not make changes that go in the direction of MySpace.  Thankfully, you still cannot change your background on Facebook — however the staff is planning on implementing a new feature that allows friends to comment on others mini-feeds.

“We aim to help users share information and communicate more easily, which sometimes entails having a conversation around a piece of content or an action,” a release from Facebook explained. “We already have comments for photos, videos, and posted items, but we realized there is much more content users want to comment on for example, status messages.” The new feature will be marked with a comment bubble. 

Link: Facebook adds to the chatter…

I understand that Facebok wants to make it easier for me to stay in contact with my friends, however my friends can already comment in tons of places.  If they cannot scroll down a little ways passed my ‘mini-feed’ to post on my wall, we have a huge problem.

I don’t want my Facebook account cluttered with comments; the wall exists for that reasons.  I want my profile to be about me, not what my friends think about every single action that I do during my day.  Hopefully they will allow us to disable this feature.

Justin Capasso

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