Surgeon has License Revoked for Removing Wrong Lung

It’s bad enough that Dr. Santusht Perera removed the wrong lung from a surgical patient. He also attempted to conceal his mistake by lying to the patient about his condition, and altering the patient’s records.

The State Board of Medical Examiners found Dr. Perera guilty of gross negligence, assessed him a mere $81,000.00 in fines, and revoked his medical license temporarily. That’s right… temporarily. Under the ruling, Perera can appeal for an early restoration of his medical license after six months.

To me, this is “gross negligence” on the part of the Board of Medical Examiners. Let’s get this straight in our heads. The patient had a tumor on his left lung that was supposed to be removed. Instead, Dr. Perera cut out part of his RIGHT lung.. the healthy one. This leaves the tumor on the left lung, of course. This will significantly reduce the number of viable options for this man to live out a healthy life. Not only did the doctor remove the wrong lung, he also lied to the patient to cover his ass. He told the patient that he discovered a a life-threatening tumor on that right lung, and altered the medical records accordingly.

This is disgusting. We trust our doctors to perform the proper procedures. Yes, mistakes can be made, as doctors are humans too. However, the doctor should have done the right thing and admitted his error… instead of lying and trying to cover himself. My guess is that he was too worried over being sued, instead of the patient that he took an oath to practice medicine with ETHICS.

Does the truth mean nothing? This “doctor” should not be allowed to ever practice medicine again, in my mind. I simply cannot believe that the Board would give out such a minor slap on the wrist for something so major. Just goes to show you that even those whose Ethics are supposedly of the highest caliber will stand for one of their own kind.. even when they should be casting the first stone.