The Wi-Fi Car from Chrysler

The focus groups must tell Chrysler that there is a demand. Being in the car would not be a barrier to being connected to the internet:

“…The UConnect Web system Chrysler will unveil Thursday — and introduce next year — marks the start of the dot-car era and puts Chrysler in front of BMW in their race to bring wireless internet access to your dashboard. Most of the other automakers, not to mention Microsoft, are right behind them, and there’s a push to bring some standards to the hardware.”

link: Chrysler Brings ‘Infobahn’ to Autobahn

If legislation in various parts of the world restrict cell phone use, are wi-fi cars really a good idea? Without a doubt, some people will be motoring along and doing email, checking on eBay, catching up on Facebook and so forth. Has it become an imperative that people be connected online constantly and available every waking hour? Let’s hope Chrysler puts the latest in accident crash technology into these cars.

Catherine Forsythe