A Cell Phone Law for California

California joins other states in having cell phone legislation:

“SAN FRANCISCO — On July 1, California will become the largest state to ban unlimited cellphone use by drivers. The law prohibits drivers under 18 from talking on the phone, and it requires older drivers to use a hands-free headset.”

link: More states say cellphones and driving don’t mix

Accident statistics clearly indicate that multitasking in a contributing factor in accidents. The irony is that, as California introduces this safety legislation, Chrysler is developing the Uconnect Web system to place internet access in cars. If there is internet access in cars, it would seem that this is even a greater distraction for drivers than talking on the cell phone or sending text messages. It begs the questions to firms like Chrysler as to why a service is developed which is going to meet prohibitive legislation.

Catherine Forsythe