Wanted Delivers!

Well, the summer movie season has just begun, and it appears that we may already have a winner. The film in question is Wanted, directed by Timur Bekmambetov. The action scenes are absolutely incredible, so incredible in fact, that I didn’t even care that many were physically impossible (curving bullets eh?) The film is reminiscent of Fight Club, in the “stop pissing away your life” sort of message; however, the action in Wanted is much more polished and much less grungy. McAvoy is perfect for the part, and the occasional narration is a welcomed touch. Jolie remains an entity in herself, acting more as an aura than an incredible actress. The twists are moderate in their extremity, but the ingenuity behind the action in the film makes them seem more powerful than they really are. The creators of this film knew exactly what they were doing, providing a plethora of extreme action scenes with just enough story to keep it cohesive. SPOILER WARNING:This will probably be the only time that anyone will see Morgan Freeman take a headshot; quite a moment.