It’s My Right as an American To Consume as Much Gas as I Want

I have had many posts lately about gas prices. I often take aim at people that drive huge, gas consuming vehicles just to be flashy. I love the irresponsible and ignorant attitudes that I am confronted with. The general message is “It’s my right as an American to consume as much gas as I want!”. Sure! Yep! It is your right as an American. It is also your right to hold a gun rally at a funeral of a person that’s been shot and killed, that doesn’t mean it should be socially acceptable. But you’re right, you have every right to be a douchebag and pollute and consume all you want. Just continue to perpetuate the new American stereotype around the World.

Here is a comment that was posted on one of my posts that might put a global perspective on this topic.

I have to pay $6.50 a gallon for my gas, while I’ll bet you are paying, if you drive, less than $4,00 a gal. Why! Because my country choses to export oil to your country (we are the second largest supplier of your imported oil component…we are your Northern neighbor, Canada)

I guess you can imagine how happy I would be if you would just stop driving your big SUVs (at least get smaller SUVs like me) so that we could keep more of our oil and thereby lower the price of gas that I have to pay while you pay $2 or 3 dollars a gallon less.

(Some people just can’t see past the end of their nose.) This is not meant to be a flame of anyone…just a comment on how it would be better to look globally sometime.  Due to our collective governments, we no longer have the opportunity to be “protectionists” or “isolationists”.  Welcome to the real world!