3G iPhone Questions

I have been getting a lot of questions about the new iPhone at work, at home and even in Chris’ chat.  So, I thought I would try and break down what to expect money wise should you decide to get one.  This information can also be found at www.wireless.att.com/iphone.

1.  New Customer or New Line:  $0 – $500 Deposit (Depending on credit score),  $199 for the 8gig iPhone ($299 for the 16gb), $36 activation charge (One time fee), $30 for the iPhone data plan, $39.99 – $99 for a voice plan. If you add messaging it will cost $5 – $20 depending on which package you choose.  2 year contract required.

2.  Existing Customer Eligible for an Upgrade:  $199 for the 8gig iPhone ($299 for the 16gb), $18 upgrade fee (One time fee), $30 for iPhone Data plan, Voice plan may remain the same as current plan.  New 2 year contract required.

3.  Early Upgrade Authorized:  Everything the same as number 2, except the 8gb iPhone will cost $399, the 16gb $499.  New 2 year contract required.

If you have the original iPhone, you are automatically eligible for upgrade, no matter how much time you have left on your contract.  Also, if you purchased your iPhone on or after May 27, 2008 you can trade it for the 3G iPhone, “even steven”.

An “Early Upgrade” is when a manager looks at your account, revenue, tenure and length of time you have remaining on your current contract and authorizes you to upgrade, even though you would not be eligible otherwise.

The iPhone is eligible to be added to a family plan.  In this case the price for the voice would be $9.99 and you can add unlimited messaging for all lines on the account at $30

The iPhone data plan is mandatory.  Without it you cannot access the internet and your visual voicemail will not work.  There is no way to get an iPhone at this time without signing a new contract.  At some point that has not yet been announced, the iPhone will be available without a contract for $599 (8gb version) and $699 (16gb version).