So – What Happens When Equipt Expires?

After reading all the documents on the Microsoft website, along with at least 10 descriptions of the new Equipt software offering, I wrote this yesterday. I have yet to see any explanation of what happens at the end of the subscription period.

Surely Microsoft won’t do anything like Symantec, and try to automatically charge the credit card given for payment – besides most of the copies sold will probably be through a third party, like the Microsoft launch partner, Circuit City. On the other hand, perhaps when activating the software, the user will be asked for a credit card so that additional software can be downloaded.

No doubt the software will begin a nagging process to update at least 30 days before expiring. But what if someone simply ignores the warnings? Will it be like the software that trades people get from Microsoft (like Power Pack), and continue to work, but with no further updates?  Will it demand to be removed (after all, Microsoft has shown us we are only using their software, no matter how much we pay)? Or will it simply go into read only mode, acting like the various viewers that can be downloaded from their website?

As stated above, I find no description of the end behavior of this package. I think people should know this before buying – just me I guess – but the truth is, I believe that this is the dealer passing out the samples, not free, but darn cheap. Once someone gets hooked on a certain way of doing things, they tend to get lazy, and not want to re-learn another way.

Do any of you have this already? What does it say inside the box? Or – if you too wonder, and have found some fine print that escapes me, drop a note and share with the rest of us!

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