Why You Need To Aviod Internet Explorer – Or Do You?

I always enjoy reading articles in which the writer supports any idea, no matter what that may be, with a host of additional data.  Sometimes this data reflects a exploit that by the time the article is written has already been patched. But in this case it revolves around Internet Explorer. Which makes one wonder. What else is new?

Naturally there is a Mozilla Firefox logo embedded in the article, which I imagine is meant to express that we should all be using the Firefox browser. It is stated below that:

Update. July 6, 2008: Tuesday July 8th is Patch Tuesday and according to Ryan Naradine at ZDNet there will be no fixes to Internet Explorer, which currently suffers from several known bugs. Quoting:

“These include the Safari-to-IE bug reported by Aviv Raff, the cross-domain zero-day affecting IE 6, the cross-site scripting bug reported by Roel Schouwenberg, the print table of links issue, and the serious iFrame hijacking flaw discussed by Sirdarckat. There really is no excuse for the delay in patching the Safari-to-IE code execution flaw. It was reported to Microsoft since 2006!”

So what is your opinion? Is IE so full of holes that no one should use it? Is Firefox the only browser to use because it provides quick updates and fixes?

Comments welcome.


PS I have been using Firefox for 4 years in case anyone cares. 🙂