World of Warcraft: It’s Powerful Stuff

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have played WoW since launch. My tastes for the game have changed very much over time. Two years ago, I was a hardcore Molten Core raider in a giant guild. One year ago, I was a Burning Crusade 5 man dungeon tank expert in a smaller guild. This past year, however, I have become a Battleground / Arena / Daily Questing multi-boxer in a “friends only” guild. All three scenarios are very different, but I must say, all are equally addicting.

The main reason I decided to write this post is because as I was having a conversation about gaming with some friends, I noticed I had mentioned that I did not turn on my Xbox the whole entire length of my past 9 day vacation at home. What also struck me, is that I was actually about to make a note to myself to make a point to play some Xbox and Steam (TF2). I don’t game for crazy hours. But the time I do game right now, I spend playing WoW. I certainly go through phases as well. When it’s a WoW phase though, all other games get a special kind of neglect I have never experienced before, a special place in the backseat if you will.

Question is. Has there ever been a game that had this kind of power over you for this sustained amount of time? (going on 4 years for me).