The End Of Windows 3.11- Say What?

Believe it or not, Microsoft has still been selling Windows 3.11 for embedded products. They are now announcing that this will come to an end on November 1, 2008. Holy smokes! That is some run for an operating system. According to this blog entry which states:

For those that were not aware, we recently announced that effective November 1st, 2008, OEM’s will no longer be able to license Windows for Workgroups 3.11 in the embedded channel. Now we all know that it’s been long gone in the standard (retail/OEM) channel, but one of the unique things in the embedded business is that we allow the classic OS products to be sold longer than the other channels. it’s *finally the end of an era! smile_sad



for those of you who have access to the Embedded Communications Extranet (ECE), you can find the article there. 

This is interesting since Microsoft is going to deploy Windows XP on those new laptop systems that are currently hitting the market. I wonder how long XP will be around. Maybe 2020 or beyond. 🙂

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