Security Flaw with Gmail

A recently discovered security flaw within Gmail explains how spammers are able to personalize their spam; with almost no work.Here’s a cute vulnerability in the gmail system that comes from the strong tie-ins between gmail, the google calendar and all the other services.

How to do it:

– Go to the ‘share this calendar’ tab

– Enter the email address in the ‘person’ box

– Click ‘add person’ and ‘save’

– When you return to this screen you will see the first and last name along with the gmail address

Link: Finding the name behind the gmail address

Way to go Google.  This is a pretty big screw up on your part, and something that makes me fairly angry.  I get at least five emails a day from Viagra spammers who all seem to know my name.  At least now I know where they got it from.

Thanks Google; please fix this,