FDA Says Tomatoes Are Safe

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is making an educated best guess. The FDA has listed tomatoes as a safe product again, in spite of the fact that people still are becoming ill with salmonella.

“…The source of the outbreak still isn’t known — and 20 to 30 reports of the illness are coming in per day — but the FDA said the epidemic is “waning.””

link: FDA lifts warning on tomatoes

The FDA is under enormous pressure. There are ranging estimates that this salmonella problem has cause the tomato industry to lose hundreds of million of dollars. Estimates of the damage range from a hundred million to over five hundred million. There will be an advertising campaign, following this FDA announcement, to encourage people to return to their previous tomato buying habits.

The reported illnesses of people with salmonella now hovers at approximately the twelve hundred mark. The FDA will be embarrassed if, suddenly, the reported cases increase after this announcement. The FDA is hoping that this salmonella problem just fades away and falls out of the news cycle quickly.

The tomato industry will try to recover from this financial setback and encourage a quick return to previous buying habits. The question remains, however, ‘would you and your family want tomatoes on the shopping list?’ with the source the contamination still unknown.

Catherine Forsythe