Mygazines: There Have Got to be Copyright Issues Here

Want to read unlimited magazines without spending a dime on subscriptions or one time fees?  A site by the name of Mygazines is offering just that.

Now, I can’t imagine how many copyright infringements are going on here by the web owners and users, it has got to be many.  Although, perhaps the concept itself, in one form or another, will become the industry standard.

The way in which the website functions is quite user friendly. But even more important to note is that Mygazines’s idea of freely publishing any weekly/monthly/quarterly, irrespective of the source, will resonate with people. Simply put, the consumer space is driving in the direction of a mostly paperless publication. And if you want to see where things are headed, Mygazines is perhaps the most overt example to date.

I look for this site to be shut down soon, but maybe the idea will spread.