The Mismanagement of Michelle Wie

The missteps of Michelle Wie have been well documented in the media. Just last week weekend, she was disqualified from the State Farm Classic for failing to sign her score card and leaving the scoring area. This is just a series of mishaps and controversies that have followed this young phenom. Now, Michelle Wie plans on playing again in a PGA tournament against the men:

“…Wie will play next week in the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open, the first time she’ll play on the PGA Tour this year, tournament organizers said.

It will be her eighth time playing on the PGA Tour, and she has yet to make a cut…”

link: 18-Year-Old Michelle Wie to Play on PGA Tour Again

It is inexplicable why those who are close to Michelle Wie and are involved in her management would allow her to do this. There is doubt whether Michelle Wie can make the cut against the men. She has had problems previously, in qualifying for weekend play. The possibility of Michelle Wie being on the leader board is slim.

Therefore, the question must be asked – “why have Michelle Wie play“. If the answer is “for the experience”, then it is a hollow argument. The experience that she is gaining is repeated exposure to losing. It is really unfair to this young woman. She should be placed in situations in which she has a good opportunity for success. This play against the PGA professionals just guarantees that the men will show a better game than she has now. She is simply not prepared to play at that level.

The athletic abilities of this young woman are beyond question. She can play golf at very high level. However, her advancement has been pushed to such an extent that she has not learned how to win. Tiger Woods, for example, won at every level. His amateur experience was critical to his present day success. He was allowed to develop at his own pace, as an athlete and as a young teen. He was given the opportunity to succeed and learn how to win. Michelle Wie has not been afforded that consideration.

Michelle Wie has transformed from promising talent to a curiosity. She is put into situations where she cannot succeed. It is almost an impossibility. As someone who is rooting for Michelle Wie’s success, beyond just a healthy bank account, her continuing fall is just difficult to watch.

Catherine Forsythe