Cuil; Not So Cool

I came across a few articles about this new search engine that was created by former Google engineers. It’s called Cuil, and it’s supposedly supposed to revolutionize search. The About page really talks it up about how much more evolved their search engine is over the alternative.

So I figured, great! I’ll give it a try. My first search was for reset ipod nano.  Instead of search results though, I get this error:

No results because of high load…

Due to excessive load, our servers didn’t return results. Please try your search again.

Wow! What a great advancement! Not only does it make you perform a search once, but several times before you get an actual result. Now that’s advanced!

Sorry, but if your engineers aren’t even smart enough to make the site usable when you’re getting massive hits from the press and news stations, you’re not smart enough to replace Google.