Make Your Cell Phone Waterproof!

Dropping your cell phone in a puddle of water, or worse yet the toilet (it happens more than you would think) is a horrible feeling.  Potentially you will have to spend hundreds of dollars to replace it.  What if you could make it waterproof? WITHOUT using cumbersome exterior casings or other devices that might interfere with the functionality or signal strength!

A company called Golden Shellback promises just that.  Expected to be available to the public soon, the process coats the cell phone, or any other electronic device, with a special, nearly undetectible coating.

From the website:

Golden Shellback coating has an excellent ability to repel oils, synthetic fluids, hazardous materials, dust, dirt and water based solutions. Low surface tension values, such as water and oils will bead and drain freely from coated surfaces. The process produces a uniform, continuous, near hermetic coating that resists rain and humidity. Electronics casually exposed to water continue to work even after exposure. The coating is readily applied and not generally considered to be removable. Repairs are made using abrasive methods.

When it is available you will have to send the device to the company for treatment, price is expected to be around $50 to $75.  There is a possibility of local stores having the ability to apply the coating but that remains to be seen.

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