Windows Vista Vs. Windows XP

Windows XP VS Vista. This battle has been going for about 2 years now. Which is better? From my own personal experiences I would have to say… thay are about equal. What I look for in an Operating System (OS) is speed, convenience, and a good GUI(Graphical User Interface). Vista is better looking but a lot slower. XP has a worse GUI but is A LOT faster.

Windows XP

  • Pretty good speed.
  • Decent GUI, if you change the horrible default blue that is.
  • Seems to be more stable.
  • Trusted by many

Windows Vista

  • Very nice GUI if you are running the Aero theme.
  • Speed is decreased a lot if you run the Aero theme
  • Vista doesn’t seem to be as stable as XP, it seems like they were in a hurry to release a new OS

Right now I am running Windows XP 32-bit. The main reason I am running XP is I was having difficulties reinstalling Vista even though I had had it installed once before. For now I think I will be sticking with “Good Ole XP” but in the future I will eventually switch back to Vista.

What are your thoughts on XP or Vista? Which do you think is better? Also, do you run something else beside a Windows OS? I’d like to know, and hear your opinions.