It’s Time to Take Action Against Those That Steal Your Blog Content

I’m sick of it. Just so sick of these blogs that spring up and steal content. All of my sites have had tons of content stolen including this blog here at LockerGnome. It’s time to do something about it. All of us need to start taking action every time we see our content has been stolen. There are some good tips on how to do this here.

Right now I have a problem with this site. I have tried to find his email address, but his WHOIS information is private. I was able to find the IP address of his web site though, which then led me to who was hosting his site. Turned out it was Google. Luckily Google has a procedure you can follow to file an infringment claim. I will be faxing them the information today and hopefully something will be done.

Take action now bloggers, or the problem will only get worse. If anybody needs assistance with finding out how to locate the host of an offending web site, feel free to leave a comment on this blog.