Reasons to Never Ever Join a Gym

I have just finished finally ending my gym membership. It was a chore. I didn’t learn my lesson the first time. There were a number of reasons why I should’ve never joined a gym again. Unless you are obsessed with keeping your body in tip top shape, you probably should never join a gym either. Here are the reasons why.

You’ll never use it

2 months after you join, chances are that you will never use the membership again. OK, maybe that one time you get in the mood, you’ll go back for a week, but then you’ll stop using it again.


It’s 5:30 on a Wednesday. For once you’re really feeling like hitting the gym. You get there and have a problem parking. Finally you make it inside the gym and wouldn’t you know… all of the treadmills are in use. Not a pleasant experience to be paying $30 a month for.

Hard to cancel

Let’s say the day comes when you want to cancel for whatever reason. You will not be able to simply call and cancel. No, you will have to come into the gym. Then you will be sat down at a desk where somebody will try to learn more about why you are canceling. Next think you know, you’ve bought the package with the spa and tanning options. It’s a royal pain to try to get out of a membership. Kind of like trying to get out of the mob.

You can workout at home

Yeah, you know those things you do at the gym? You can do most of the exercises at home. There’s no need to buy a fancy machine for your basement either. You can work any of the muscles in your body with just a few items you can pick up at any sports place.