Urban Exploration

Have you ever wondered what mysteries there are out there to explore, what un-found treasures still exist? In a world where most treasure has been exhumed, and no hidden corner of the earth left unexplored, where do you go for real adventure?

It is in our nature as people, to love mystery, and the exploration of life. This however, has become sadly difficult in our modern world, and where once we looked, it is no longer there. Even as sprawling neighborhoods of people swallow up the land, fields replace ancient forest, and caves are sealed from entrance, there are still places to explore.

These places can be found in the mountains, underground, and all around you, in the very city that you live in. Adventures can be found in old mines, abandoned houses, old empty factories, drainage systems, and an incredible assortment of interesting places, spawned from the creations of bipeds.

The art of exploring these people made structures, is called ‘urban exploration‘. In the case of drainage system exploration, is it called ‘draining’, and those who indulge in it, are referred to as ‘drainers’. These folks look high and low, for places worth an adventure.

Yes, it is true, not all urban exploration is legal, but mainstream groups, tend to live by a code. Of course, the first law of that code, is not to do anything illegal. This can be difficult, as not everyone, wants to give you a free ticket, for a sight seeing experience.

The art of urban exploration can be dangerous, it does not come without it’s hazards. Here, in Denver last year, an urban explorer lost his life, when he stepped into an open elevator shaft. Such accidents as this can of course be avoided, but many opponents to urban exploration will site danger as one of their key reasons against it.

This is rather an irrational argument however, as people are legally allowed to do incredibly dangerous sports every day, with a much higher risk of injury/death, than urban exploration. If you type into Google ‘deaths, urban exploration’, you are going to be hard pressed to find very many examples.

One should of course be careful, regardless of what one is doing, and take proper precautions, depending on what the situation is. I do believe though, that we as people, need to feed our desire for mystery and adventure. It is for many of us, what keeps us young and imaginative, and gives us a satisfaction inside that is rare in this modern world of ours.

What can you find in the world of urban exploring? About 10 years or so ago, I was up in the mountains, I believe here in Colorado. We came upon an old mining camp, and up behind it was a very small abandoned town. One of the houses was open, and we ventured inside.

It was really strange, as the dining room table was set, and everything was as if the people had just walked out, leaving it completely untouched. The entire setting was from the 50’s, and we were just really flabbergasted over what we were seeing.

Several years after this incident, I recounted this story to a random friend I had made, and was very surprised, that he knew the very place I spoke of. He told me that it had been used as a movie set in the 70’s, and made to look like it was from the 50’s. Instead of packing it up, they just left the props behind. This in no way altered the quality of my experience, it was still very interesting!

I have explored very old cabins, houses, mines, caves, lava tubes, old grave yards, and a host of wonderful places! A few times, I have come across personal dumps, from before there were public refuse piles. These are very cool to explore, as there are often many objects of interests. Yes, there is still buried treasure!

I recently came across this interesting piece about a prehistoric creature found in the drainage systems of Denver. How often are you going to find something like that in reality? The possibilities are endless, there are so many things in reality to explore! It is my belief that the more we believe in the mysteries of possibility, the more they will reveal themselves.

Adventure is only dead, in the heart that no longer dreams. Dream true everyone.

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My apologies for not being able to site the photographer and location of this pic, I was unable to locate it. Please contact me if you know any details, thank you.