A Wii For A Comcast Agreement?

Right off the bat, well played…well played indeed. You instantly hooked my wife with the offer of a free Wii when subscribing to the Comcast Triple Play services. And to be honest, if I planned on using Comcast for Internet and TV again, this might be something worth considering. But I really do not want to deal with landline phone service again. It’s just not something we have used in years. That and I am not really interested in a two year service contract. For those of you looking for a new gaming system, a three for one cable package, I am sure it’s a great deal.

No, for me, this comercial seen below goes much further than merely offering a service – it’s clever marketing that is apparently working.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/H8jFVtgTrwY" width="350" height="288" wmode="transparent" /]

My wife was totally ready to sign-up so long as the cost for the services rendered made sense for our needs. Comcast, you are getting better. You nearly cost me my FiOS connection! But in all seriousness, it’s a good play overall for what you are providing. That said, give me 20/20 up and down for my Internet connectivity with unfettered access and I might even consider the offer.