How to Have a Killer Resume Even When You’re Entry-Level – without Lying

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I’m going to attempt to keep this part brief because I’m tired. If you have questions – well, that’s what the comment form is for, love. 🙂

Here’s the problem with making a Killer Resume.

You want to get more experience, but first, you need more experience. You need to get more references, but first you need to get more references. You want a better job, but first you have to have a better job. It’s a catch-22 and it’s not pretty.

If you’re youngish, you’re too young. If you’re middle aged, you’re too old. If you’ve been self employed, they wonder if you’re unemployable. If you’ve been on a break from work they think you’re out of touch.

Everyone has some type of resume flaw, unless they’re happily employed. Such is the catch- 22. So you have to get creative.

By “get creative”, I don’t mean “lie”. I mean,

1- Jazz up the part of your education, work history, affiliations, skills or referrals that pop, and
2- de-emphasize those that don’t. And when you can,
3- think more expansively about listing information about yourself.

Over the next few days we’ll break these down into five basic areas and I’ll give you some quick tips.

Before we go on, let me say this: I’m not any type of career expert. I’ve just always been able to get a career-type job in two weeks or less back when I worked a day job. Every year or so I go out interviewing just to keep my skills sharp.

Though I have no intention of ever working for someone else in a traditional job ever again, knowing how what’s happening on the other side of the desk helps greatly. Plus, hey, you never know.

I did work two jobs in which I was required to be an intimate part of the job applicant process, one as a decision maker, and one as the person who decided whose resume went in the trash and whose got considered for interviewing. So I have some experience but not enough to make me a guru. I’ll provide links to people and sites who can give you some more official tips throughout each article.

We’ll start with the education part when we come back.