5 Meaningless Links, and One Cool Video

Have you ever come across those strange pages that are there just to distract you, and really serve no real purpose or function? Of course you have, and I am here today, to help you find a few more! What are friends for?

*Remember Pac Man? Now you can play Pot Man at Weed College, and eat up all the joints, as you run from the fuzz! Same basic game, no real difference from the original, just slightly different imagery.

*Ever get those little word magnets for your fridge, so you and your guests can make interesting sentences? I managed to get two sets at a used store, the psychology set, and the set on cats….quite an interesting combination it turned out to be! Well, no need to run out to the store and waste resources, you can now play online…??? Yeah, seemed kind of strange to me too.

*Alright, I will admit this next one is not completely pointless; it is kind of interesting to see what people in other countries(as well as Americans) write on walls. That is pretty much it…stuff written on walls….

*Qbesq is a online kaleidescope drawing thing a ma jig. I admit you can make some pretty cool ones, but I couldn’t seem to save the file type on my system(SVG). Another interesting distraction, for those mind numbing moments you just don’t want to get off your butt and do something useful.

*How many times have you gotten into one of those conversations with friends or family, and wondered if that famous actor or singer is still alive? Not that it will alter your life any to know, but now you can instantly find out! Just visit ‘Dead or Alive?‘, and that petty argument will be nipped in the bud!

Well, now that we have that pointless stuff out of the way, we can see this really cool video manufactured straight from corporate America! Yeah, I know, it blows, but it really is an awesome little video. This wonderful video is advertising Coca Cola, but you can just imagine it is…uh…bottled water? I would post it directly on the page, but I think it is much better viewed with the full sized version

Image by dogbone