Mac vs PC article Commentary

I got an article in an e-mail this morning and I thought I would share my thoughts about it. Every space represent commentary for a new page.

  • The original article: Click Here
  • My Commentary:
  • They were using older version of front row. Newer version offers such features.

    Out preform mac pro. What ever. Mac pro will have soo much power you can’t figure out what to do with it. Also windows Vista will only recognize 3 GB of RAM Mac Pro will get 64 GB or RAM.

    Why would you want to add on it is fine the way it is. Also in the mac book and mac book air you can add RAM. In the iMac you can add RAM. Also Apple them selves can replace anything.

    All mac hardware doesn’t come from Apple.

    This one makes me really mad. There is plenty of thumb drives media players etc that work with mac. Name one accessory that doesn’t work with a mac.

    OMG this is BS. Web Apps are Web Apps because they are compatible with a modern web browser. Also Napster and Rhapsody work fine on a mac. ask chris pirillo.

    True with the security.

    PC has more games, but Mac is getting there. Also I don’t know what they are talking about with the video card. The mac has the some video card you PC could have.

    Yes true with the cost. Something for Apple to work on.

    I am not familiar with the battery life as I don;t use laptops.

    I have had my mac for 2 years and I don;t have apple care. I have never had to call either. Nothing has ever happened. Maybe I am lucky, but you can still call without an apple care program and get phone support for your mac.

    For me the reason the mac wins is that if you do this or that you don’t have to worry about crap did that just kill my computer. So the macs give you a security that nothing can go wrong. Also if you don’t like to deal with non-responsive programs or al the simply clutter in the PC world try out a mac. Trust me it is worth the money.

  • Really good feature of the mac is the spell checker is every were. in every program.

Let me know what you think about this article or what I have said about it.