Google May Hate the Word ‘Spam’

I have a Google email account that I use exclusively to communicate with people in the security community. It is an extremely important resource for me and an address that security people know that I check regularly.

A strange thing has been happening with Google email lately.

When someone emails me a note with the word “spam” (without the quotes) in the email header, Google email indeed tags it as spam. It does not matter that the senders are familiar names who are in my contact list. Google tags it as spam and puts it in that folder.

The spam folder not something that I check regularly. So, you can imagine my surprise when I found many legitimate emails in the spam folder. Since finding this Google email nuance and dislike of the word “spam”, others have found it too. You may want to find another gmail user and experiment. It is really annoying. – My apologies to all those who emailed me regarding spam issues and I did not answer. Google was protecting my email account.

Catherine Forsythe