Firefox 3 – Still Hogging Memory

I have been remaining mum on the Firefox 3 memory issues, because every time I mention it, I get chastised for sharing my thoughts. So when I read this article this morning from another blogger, who is complaining about this issue, I thought I would share his thoughts with you. These are his opinions, not mine. 🙂

Andrew Smith in his article states, along with a task manager shot which shows firefox.exe using a whopping 357MB of memory:

As the screen shot here illustrates, the program still seizes huge chunks of memory and CPU, even with just a handful of tabs open to reasonably basic Web sites.

This is obviously a program malfunction. If I restart the program and open these exact same tabs again, the memory usage will drop by more than half, but it will gradually rise again. In an hour, it will be right back in the same spot.

These numbers are entirely unacceptable. A browser shouldn’t need half that much memory or computing power.

Please note this is what Andrew is saying and not me. I have no opinion on this problem. I just checked my memory usage for firefox.exe and its at 174MB, which makes me ecstatic.

Comments welcome.

PS Do not give me the song and dance about going back to IE or switching to Opera. It is not going to happen! 🙂