Soul Calibur IV Review

So I got Soul Calibur IV when it was released. Been a fan of the Soul Calibur since I played the first one back in the arcades got the second one for the Gamecube and didn’t pick up Soul Calibur III because everyone said it wasn’t as good as II was. So now a new game comes out for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. I decided to pick this one up for the PS3 since I thought the Playstation 3 controller was better than the Xbox 360 one. Yes I would pick the PS3 version of the game over the 360 version when it comes to fighting game because of the controller and a lot of people would agree with me but then again you can always pick up a arcade stick for the 360 and it would be good too. Now the 360 version had rumble and the PS3 version didn’t. Oh well Namco Bandai can always update the game later on too add rumble support to it. Now to talk about the game, this game is awesome, yes it has a lot of characters a lot of customization and all kinds of different options. You can create your own characters, you can play Arcade mode like the other games, there is a story mode but kinda short, and there’s also a new mode called the Tower of Lost Souls that you have to fight certain characters to obtain items to keep you busy because it does get challenging as you get further. Also the Character Customization is really great you can make all kinds of characters with it there are even videos on YouTube of what people have made with the game like for example Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid or Mario and Luigi.

This game also has the addition of Darth Vader for the PS3 version and Yoda for the 360 version and of course The Apprentice from Star Wars which I’m not a big fan of but it’s a great addition to try out the different fighting styles in the game like using the Force. Now this game has also a online mode which is really great to play against friends and to play against people around the world it also has a speed meter to let you know how your connection with the other player(s) is and if you should fight against each other. I had no problems with online play, if I saw a player with a slow connection I would leave the match before it started so it wouldn’t lag and also had a great time fighting against friends and chatting with them because Soul Calibur IV allow you to talk using your headsets. This is a really great game probably will be playing it for a good while and maybe might get a arcade stick since I always wanted to try it and this would be a great game to try it out with. So if your a fan of Fighting games go out and get it you won’t be disappointed there’s a lot of people that picked up this game and are playing it right now so you can hop online and play with others.