Bag, Borrow, Or Steal

Okay, I admit it. I am what most would call a “purse whore.” I’ve been known to be a “shoe slut,” as well. Don’t get all uptight — it’s just a funny way of saying I LOVE new purses and shoes. I can’t help it, my mom loves them and she taught it to me. (Blatant shirking of responsibility.) Now no matter how hard I try to resist or how much I bargain with myself (“You can only spend x amount this year on purses… so choose well…) I still love purses and get a funny little girl smile and a tickle in my tummy when I pull a new one on my arm. Yes, I am one of “those” women who immediately comes home and puts the purse on and preens in front of the mirror. The obligatory guilt doesn’t come until much later. Usually it’s when I look at my spending and think to myself — wow that was a lot for a purse. Or, when I’m cleaning out my closet and giving to the Goodwill. Because my most recent “kick” is quality over quantity, I’ve purged my closet of cheap knock offs. I only have two really good purses — you know, the ones that come with dust bags. So I did the math and thought really hard about my “investments.” I gave a new home to one Coach limited edition bag and its matching wallet. The second was a Micheal Kors and, of course, the matching wallet.

These are the things I miss about my collection of 20 cheap purses.

  1. I could pick a purse of fancy for the night and be silver and flashy if I wanted to.
  2. I could have a red purse or a blue purse or one with fur…
  3. I never felt “confined” by my choices.

What I don’t miss.

  1. I don’t have to find somewhere to put all these purses. (They aren’t falling on my head when I walk into the closet now.)
  2. I don’t ever curse because the interior isn’t made well and therefore rips easily. (Cheap purses aren’t made well.)
  3. Tassels don’t fall off or silver doesn’t “flick” off of my purses and on to me and everything else.

What I like most about good quality purses.

  1. The structure usually holds its intended shape much better. If it’s an “elbow bag” they generally come with feet which makes for easier sitting.
  2. The hardware never changes color or loses luster.
  3. I can see the value in quality workmanship.

Now — how do I get the best of both worlds? That was my latest dilemma… I want choice and quality. I also don’t want to store a bag that will be out of season. I may want to carry that turquoise cuffs bag only one night in the summer with that really hot looking white gauzy outfit. Oh, but I digress…. here’s my latest smile/style maker Bag Borrow Or Steal. I saw a link to it several months ago and never really thought that much about it. Jake sent me a link to them recently and said he thought of me when he saw it. Perfect timing; I was going over last years purse spending and saw the hard money facts. If I do the math I paid enough for a “Diva” membership and I only have two purses to show for it. I could have “borrowed” 12 or more for what I spent. Since style is ever changing, who knows if I’ll want to carry that Coach number in five years or even next year? So, I signed up. I’m trying it out for three months (the required contract of sorts). I figure I’ll write about my choices and tell you what I think and if it’s worth it — to me. I’ll also include some pics — not doctored ones — real ones and I’ll tell you what I like and don’t like about them as well. It’s like Netflix for purses!

Ahhhh, purses… more, more, beautiful purses… it’s like heaven.