Internet Explorer 8 – Firefox 3.1 – Playing Catch Up?

After reading this article on the upcoming IE8, I am finding myself wondering if both Microsoft and Mozilla are doing little more than playing catchup to Opera Browser and Apple’s Safari Browser? And if you read far enough down the page, it seems that others agree that these types of security features are hardly new.

Rather than putting people into a “no tracking mode” per se, Opera for example simply provides the ability to delete all preset private data when the browser is closed. Does not get any more simple than that! Safari on the other hand, takes a closer approach to what Microsoft and Mozilla are aiming for, as Apple has long since provided a simple check box for private browsing.

So where does this leave the “other guys”? Are competing browsers really offering “work changing improvements”, or instead are we merely watching in slack-jawed amazement as once again, two browsing power-houses play catch-up to other browsing options that have long since out-performed the competition with forward thinking? The answer seems fairly obvious to me, but despite my thinking, hit the comments and tell me who you think is winning the browser privacy game and why.