More Wireless Woes

Today, Tricia writes:

I have a Sony Vaio laptop that is running Windows Vista. I am having issues with the wireless card disabling itself. I installed a bunch of Windows updates and now I cannot use my wireless. I enable the wireless card and it still doesn’t recognize the signal coming from my router. I didn’t have any problems connecting via wireless before installing these updates and I an at a loss as to what to do to correct it. I have tried updating the drivers for the card as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless card and nothing worked.

Well sounds like you covered the most everything one would generally think of. One thing that has me thinking, despite you pointing out that the problems clearly that appear to be related to a recent update, would be to check some things out on the router side.

If you are using encryption of some kind (WEP or WPA), you might disable them for testing purposes only. I say this as it might have been possible that the updates did something at this level. Another thing is to check the Device Manager and check if there is any indication that the card is being detected, but reflecting a problem. Vista is generally pretty good about this sort of thing, but it can happen nevertheless.

If the card is being detected, seeing Wi-Fi networks yet failing to connect to yours, consider going to another hotspot to see if the results are any different there. Seems a bit odd perhaps, but sometimes it can yield success that might point back to the router.

If everything above is a total failure and you have had your fill of troubleshooting this issue, I would bite the bullet and purchase a Vista certified USB dongle. Understand, this is not a fix by any stretch, but I always have a USB dongle with me should my wireless suddenly stop working for some reason.

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