The Weight Loss Rollercoaster

Last April I got really tired of being overweight. So I decided to do something about it. That something was get off my ass and start riding my mountain bike. My baseline weight was 215 lbs. and for my height, that’s a large burden to bear. So, I started riding my ass off, literally. The first few days were difficult, not the riding part, the getting used to the seat part. I chose bike riding because my knees and feet cant’ take much pavement pounding. And riding a bike is much more fun.

Now after four months of riding six days a week, I am down to 192lbs. For a loss of 23 lbs. It wasn’t easy getting back in some sort of shape, but I am much better off for it. My blood pressure is down 2o/20. Another one of the benefits to working out besides weight loss.

If you want to start down the road of lean, you must realize there is an up-down cycle. Some weeks after feeling very good about what I have done, I would actually GAIN 4 or 5 pounds. Not very helpful. But the next week I would be down those 4 or 5 pounds. So don’t give up or get discouraged. Once you start to feel better and your clothes start to fall off, you will really see and feel the difference. The only downside it that you will need a new wardrobe once you hit that target weight. There is always a downside. 😀

Have any of you started a workout, weight-loss regimen lately? What is your experience?