Addicted to Acai

I’m afraid that I’ve become addicted to Acai berries. It started out innocently enough. I tried a bottle of Acai juice out of curiosity one day at lunch. One bottle and I was hooked on the Brazilian superberry. I’ll admit that I was initially drawn in by the lure of the extreme levels of anti-oxidants, but I stuck around for the taste. Crazy though it might sound, I actually like the taste of Acai.

Now I didn’t start with the hard stuff. I fell in the trap door, via the gateway anti-oxidant laden fruits. First it was blueberries, then pomagranete, and a side-track to the exotic goji berry and a brief fling with cacao nibs. Once I found Acai, it was all over.

I’ve tripped into a couple of favorite brands, Bossa Nova and Sambazon. Bossa Nova is smoother and easier on the newbie palette … it’s great straight, on the rocks, or cut with green iced tea.

Sambazon has more texture … treading close to smoothie territory, but some folks don’t like texture in their fruit juice. The 10.5 ounce Sambazon bottle claims “2130 healthy omega 3-6-9” and “120 acai berries per bottle”… with roughly 200 calories and nearly half the daily requirement for Vitamin C.