Laptops from Apple on October 14th

Apple is set to make laptop announcements on October 14th. There is speculation that there will be a lower price point for these laptops:

“…Analysts also raised the possibility of a drop in the sticker price for laptops that now start at $1,099, more than twice the cost of the cheapest of the Window-based laptops.

Apple chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer opened the door to speculation as long ago as July 21 during a discussion of the company’s computer line.”

link: Apple to unveil new or updated laptops on Oct 14

Apple is focusing on this product line during a time of economic uncertainty. The challenge is to present products that have enough value to stimulate buying, while keeping in mind the financial stresses that cuts across all sectors. There is just limited personal and institutional funds; and Apple still needs to maintain it sales figures.

Catherine Forsythe