NVIDIA Cards Used For WPA Hacking?

I have to admit, I was wondering when WPA was going to be seen as useless. This seems to confirm it for me, except that most people do not even know how to hack into a WEP network. So in reference to this article, yes, wifi is inherently insecure. Oh and a news flash – it has never been secure! Seriously, your data is readily available when not behind a VPN anyway. So really the down side here is that someone can get onto your network.

Now in situations where security for the user and the company they are working for is a factor, wireless is never really the best plan. Yet for most people, WPA remains plenty as most people are not going to run into a problem here. If there is a concern, use a VPN and stay wired – it is really simple.

What do you think, are we in real trouble here as NVIDIA cards can apparently be used for nefarious deeds? Hit the comments, share your thoughts.