World Bank Network Hacked – Oh Goodie!

In these times of economic uncertainty, with the mortgage crisis, bank failures, the collapse of investment firms and the stock market decline, one would think that it could not get any worse. It seems that it can get worse. Fox News is reporting that during the World Bank, which monitors all data for countries of the world, has been breached repeatedly during the past year.

According to this article, the culprits could be in China:

In a frantic midnight e-mail to colleagues, the bank’s senior technology manager referred to the situation as an “unprecedented crisis.” In fact, it may be the worst security breach ever at a global financial institution. And it has left bank officials scrambling to try to understand the nature of the year-long cyber-assault, while also trying to keep the news from leaking to the public.

While it remains unclear how much data has been pilfered from the bank, it’s a lot. According to internal memos, “a minimum of 18 servers have been compromised,” including some of the bank’s most sensitive systems — ranging from the bank’s security and password server to a Human Resources server “that contains scanned images of staff documents.”

It is hard to believe that so many things could happen all at the same time. Does anyone else have a problem with this?

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