Army Sergeant Gwen Beberg and Ratchet

Sergeant Gwen Beberg is at odds with Army regulations. She has befriended a puppy, Ratchet, in Iraq and wants to bring the dog back with her to the United States:

“…On Oct. 1, Beberg placed 6-month-old Ratchet on an Army convoy to the Baghdad airport, where he was to be flown to her parents’ home in Minnesota by a rescue group called Operation Baghdad Pups. But the dog was taken away by an Army officer before it reached the airplane. Beberg’s family and Operation Baghdad Pups officials now fear Ratchet will be shot.”

link: Beloved pup’s fate becomes international cause

To kill dogs may serve the expediency of Army operations. However, it goes against the values of the American people, whether they are members of the military or not. It is unthinkable to consider that there will be such a gruesome end for Ratchet.

Ratchet has served a member of the military. Now, you can help. Here is a petition site for Sergeant Beberg’s dog:

link: Clemency for Ratchet

Thanks for helping Ratchet.