Instant Windows? Immediate On Switch? Huh?

I feel like I have seen this idea of Windows providing certain functionality before actually booting someplace before…SplashTop, perhaps? Maybe I am missing the bigger picture here, but I was not that impressed with it in a open source form. So who is going to care to see it bundled with Windows 7?

This is not a bash on Windows, as at least Microsoft has enough sense to check out the interest before trying to pass this one off on its users. Look, minimal access to web browsing, music and other items outside of needing to completely boot into an OS is fun, however I fail to see the end benefit.

Still, as the link above points out, Microsoft is clearly looking to ensure that their boot times are significantly quicker than those had with Windows Vista. Will it matter? Do Windows users actually need an instant on fix for their PCs as they are in such a rush that current Windows startup times are simply too much to deal with? Interested in what you think – should Windows users ask for such a thing?