Governor Sarah Palin: On Record Pace

It is seventeen days from election day, November 4th. Is it possible that Governor Palin will stand for election with Senator John McCain without ever having has a full fledge news conference with the national / international media? If Governor Palin can achieve that, it would be absolutely unprecedented. She will have done what no other vice presidential candidate has managed – to run for the election for the second highest office in the country while not having one single news conference.

Governor Palin has had some one-on-one interviews with television news people, like Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric. There is a scheduled appearance by Governor Palin on Saturday Night Live. However, there is no hint of a open news conference where the media can ask questions and have Governor Palin’s answers clarified by follow-up questions.

Will the American people go to vote on November 4th with one of the candidates for Vice President never having faced open policy questions from the national media? Governor Palin is on a record setting pace to do just that.

Catherine Forsythe