Everything Comes Back Full Circle

It is truly crazy, but it seems like there is no limit to how easily things can come back full circle. Backup solutions are a great example. I have explored yet again, a wide variety of options available to me and no matter how hard I might try, I keep coming back to CrashPlan. There is just no escaping it. From the fact that it eliminates viruses from being bundled into the backup itself to the fact that the data is encrypted BEFORE it is sent over the pipes for a remote backup, all of the bases are covered.

I am running a backup right now to another PC on-site and will also be having it perform an off-site backup here shortly. You have to love that it can backup the data to an off site location automatically! And of course, the backups are setup to be incremental & differential, which is a real time saver.

Throttle the CPU usage, setup the program to either keep things backed up all the time or just warn you when you are due. The choice depends on the price point you are comfortable with.

The fee schedule, everything considering, is quite reasonable considering this is one time cost for the ability to backup or monthly for off-site backup hosting through CrashPlan itself. I myself use the one time fee and that allows me to do off site with friends and on-site with my own network. Overall, I do not think I will be using other open source alternatives as they to date have failed badly with giving me restored data that is as intact as it should be. It’s my data, I do not need surprises. And being cross platform is a real bonus as well…especially backing up all three platforms.