Give The Gift Of Yourself

As the holidays approach, many of you might find that you are in a financial position where running out and buying friends and family a bunch of cool new stuff is just not on the list of possibilities this year. For others, it is a matter of feeling like you are doing something practical.

In the interest of simplification, consider giving the gift of your time. While clearly I am as guilty as most with not finding the time to share with loved ones, there remains the option of taking some time to teach a friend or family member how to better their situation. One example might be setting up that new computer that they still have sitting in the box due to no one helping to set it up. Or perhaps, there is an issue with the PC in which some malware removal is in order? In my own instance, I will be heading up to parents this holiday season and while I am there, have offered to look into why their DVD player appears to be on the fritz.

Despite seeming insignificant, these little helping hand offerings mean a lot to people. Regardless of the season, time of year or whatever, it is always nice to be considered and remembered. So go ahead, offer to help out that friend or family member re-setup their HDTV. Because it may be running just fine, it might look a bit better coming off the RCA cables and instead, looking into going HDMI with one of the seriously discounted satellite deals going on these days. Money a consideration? Try with a VGA cable running to notebook. Did this with my Ubuntu notebook, despite losing some resolution, it remains the talk of the household.