Tracking the Famous Lost Toolkit

It may be the most famous toolkit in history – and likely the most expensive. The toolkit that was lost by astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper is worth a reported hundred thousand dollars. The bag of tools has presented a challenge to professional and amateur astronomers:

“…For the rest of this month and into the first days of December the bag should be visible to anyone looking in the right place with a reasonably powerful telescope or binoculars. Calculations have revealed that the best opportunities to see it are early tonight and on Friday.”

link: Mission impossible? Stargazers seek astronaut’s lost toolkit

link: Skywatchers spot ‘lost’ space tool kit

There is a web site that makes it easier to find the toolkit in the space. The site is Satellite Tracker and it will provide you information relative to your earth location. So this may be a rare opportunity to look up into the skies and look for tools… very expensive tools.

Catherine Forsythe